AFASSCO continues to set standards for the first aid industry. We were the first and still the only first aid manufacturer & repackager to be awarded the ISO 9000 CERTIFICATION. AFASSCO guarantees our customers quality of product and service with the emphasis toward the demands of a global economy.



For 45 years, we have been the international leader in first aid products and programs. We’ve recently joined Western First Aid to provide you exceptional coverage as your business grows. Our commitment continues to grow through our distributors who are constantly providing better and more effective products to you the customer. We are aware of the continuing emphasis placed on the health and safety of your employees and we have met those challenges by offering the finest first aid and safety products on the market today. From handy first aid cabinets & kits, to the newest bandages, dressings, antiseptic and burn treatments, our goal is to keep you and your employees healthy and safe in the workplace.


Don Schumaker, CEO and Chairman of AFASSCO, began the business with the idea of loading all the fill supplies for first aid kits in a van. His theory was that if the van were properly racked and signed, it would not only be a rolling billboard, but would bring the refill supplies, bandages, dressings, cold, headache and stomach remedies right to the business user. They would clean, check and replenish all of the first aid kits and cabinets right on the spot as well as check for used up supplies, unsterile and unclean dressings and expired products. Another foundation for AFASSCO is based on the fact that business owners generally recognize the need for healthy employees who feel good and who are physically capable of dedicating 100 percent of their attention and efforts to the job function for which they have been hired, therefore working with utmost efficiency and safety.

AFASSCO and its people have been instrumental in starting and are pioneers in the route van service distribution system in the United States. Mr. Schumaker and AFASSCO's goal and objective all these years has been to help companies have more effective and a wider variety of treatments for their employees' injuries, help workers have a safer work environment and to teach and help people become successful in providing these services, treatments and products on a regular basis to their customers and companies in their areas. And he and his people are still doing that today.


Although the use of first aid supplies and kits in a route van service oriented business in the United States seems to be a relatively new industry, having flourished after creation of OSHA regulations in 1972, its origins (in the form of medical emergency supplies and medical chests) date back to as early as the Civil War. Prior to 1921, the "medicine chests" were usually prepared for explorations or personal trips.

First Aid kits, and companies packaging them, go back to the early 1900's when a few companies primarily in the Northeast and Midwest started assembling a few different types of dressings and materials available for first aid into different types of containers designed to keep contents together in one place. The packaging came in the form of boxes, bags, and even roll-up tubes.

Most companies made bulk kits and all different shapes and sizes of gauze rolls and pads, adhesive tape, cotton and adhesive strips. These items made up 90%  of most of the capacity of the first aid kits in businesses. The range of first aid kit bulk sizes was larger than unit kits. Unit kits were manufactured in those days primarily for military use.

These two methods stayed pretty much the same until the late 60's and early 70's when due to the formation of OSHA the Route Van Refill Service began with combination type kits and larger cabinets, including both unit and bulk items, plus OTC pharmaceuticals such as headache and cold tablets, antacids and throat lozenges.


- Restaurants

Burns are common injuries in restaurants and kitchens. AFASSCO has a wide variety of burn treatments, as well as bandages which are a brilliant blue color so that they are easily spotted if they fall off in food.

- hotels & Casinos

Hotels and casinos have a large staff, many customers and visitors and various departments which benefit from having an on-site first aid restocking program.

- Industrial plants

Industrial manufacturing facilities, warehouses, as well as various plants are some of the best customers to have. There are often on-the-job injuries and these companies are very conscious of staying compliant with health and safety regulations.

- auto body shops & DEALERS

Auto shops are usually small but the risk of injuries is high. Some of the unique AFASSCO products, like our MediBand Spray Bandage, are tailored for use in this kind of environment.


  • We ease your worries .

    Your business has more to worry about than whether or not your first aid kit is stocked with bandages. That is why AFASSCO is here to serve you. We will deliver top quality first aid products that meet OSHA, FDA, DEA and insurance requirements.

  • We aim high

    We strive to attain the highest level of customer and user satisfaction. That is why we are the leader in the first aid and emergency medical industry. We cater to our customer's needs and concerns so every employee in your organization can be healthy, happy and more productive.

  • We've been listening to our customers' needs for over 40 years. Talk to us today!


our mission statement

-To provide our customers with products of quality.

-To develop and maintain relationships based on honesty and trust.

-To set a standard of quality, excellence and professionalism.

-To provide the vehicle through which our distributors are able to own their own business and, more importantly, be successful


We greatly appreciate your service to bolstering the safety and welbeing of our team. We are proud to say we have been long time customers of Afassco and we look forward to working with your team more in the future." - Continuum Packing Solutions, NV
I usually do my service rounds at hospitals, and I always come down with a cold a few days later.  The last time I went to service my usual hospitals, I started to feel congested and took a couple packets of Vita Cold.  A few days later I didn’t come down with a cold, scratchy throat, or congested sinus."- Fire Safety Inc., WI 
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